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            Hi, I’m Krishna, welcome with w3Universal. 'W3universal.com' is a confidential blog website on Computer, Web developing, HTML, CSS, online earning, powered by Google Blogger.
I start this blog to inspire the young youth that without invest of money we can create and get a great educational support from the online. We arrange our blog to easily getting knowledgeable on Computer, Web developing, HTML, CSS, online earning, about Google, YouTube, Blogger etc.
                       This website is made for those people who weak in technical knowledge and want to get a fair knowledge on technology and digital world. I’m not a technician or something like that, but I can fell-understand the problems of average people about their technical issues who are failed in internet. Internet is a useful way to learn. We follow the "people frequently asked question" and try to solved those. Are you a student, house wife (domestic wife), domestic husband, teacher, professor, freelancer, cyber cafe owner, specially young star? Don't hesitate, browse our website and learn in a useful way. So to be more stronger in technical knowledge, you can keep in touch with us and our blog.
                             Now you all are re-welcome. You can get help from me with this blog. I sharing and globalizing the technical informations in a meaningful format. Just need yours supports to continuing these efforts. At last, before using this website, read our Terms of Use.

                           We thank you for using our website. Please give your great suggestion, we are waiting. To ask questions on technology, website or online earning you can ask question by comment box or contact us.

      Thank You

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